Dark Chocolate Bar


Dark Chocolate 500 MG

Dive into Deep Space with Stellar’s Dark Chocolate Bar! A smooth experience, savour the opulent & rich notes of classic dark cacao. Infused with premium THC distillate. Descend into deep space as you indulge in this delicious dark choloate delight.


Dark Chocolate

Dosage Per Piece:

50 MG / 100 MG / 200 MG

Total Dosage:

500MG / 1000 MG / 2000 MG

Dark Chocolate 
Fun Fact

It is a commonly known fact that earhtlings are know for having extremly low tolerance to ediables. That’s why Stellar treats are desgined to push the boundaries of our tranditions here on earth. With our highest dosage hitting 2000mg in a single ediable package. (10 piece bag: 2000 MG = 200 MG per/pc, 1000 MG = 100 MG per/pc, 500 MG = 50 MG per/pc) We have also keep in mind that the standard human biolgy might need a lower dosed treat, so we are also introducing lower dosed ediables in both 1000 MG and 500 MG. Now keep your primative brains in your skull when we tell you that all this will be available at an incriebly accessible price unlike any edible brand which human minds coluld have brought to market. So save your earth currency for interstellar adventures while using Stellar’s as your rocket fuel!