Chocolate Bar

Dark Chocolate

Dive into the decadent richness of deep space with our taste bud transporting Dark Chocolate Bar! Savour the rich opulent notes of a sharp dark cacao chocolate - infused with planet-sized portions of our premium THC distillate - and warp past the pull of the everyday into a blissfully new Stellar orbit!


Dark Chocolate

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Dark Chocolate Bar

A Message From
Stellar Mission Control

We take no shortcuts in fueling your trip to outer space with only the purest most potent space-grade rocket fuel. We’re over the moon to guarantee our customers that all THC distillates in each of our edibles products are over 90% pure across the full Stellar product line.

Stellar Treats are also made using only the freshest natural ingredients and the highest quality THC distillate. All of our ethically and locally sourced cannabis is 100% backed by intensive laboratory testing, certifying only choice cannabinoid compounds. This NASA-level of precision and pride in our work guarantees a premium product free of toxins, heavy metals and trace contaminants.

As we like to say at Stellar headquarters: Space-X cut the cost of space travel and so have we! With Stellar’s brand of cannabis-infused chocolates and gummies, you won’t require re-entry. You’re likely not coming back!

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